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Undertaking a painting or remodeling project in a commercial environment presents its own unique set of difficulties. If you own or manage a storefront it is imperative to make the best possible impression on your potential customers but certainly not at the expense of closing your doors for necessary structural or cosmetic improvements. If you work in an office environment projecting an image of success is indispensable in today's competitive business market. Your office space is an extension of yourself and must emanate confidence and charm yet employee productivity is also of paramount importance and must not be interrupted during regular business hours. If yours is a property management company juggling the intricacies and challenges of a large rental property, community association, or co-op you are more than cognizant of how quickly minor obstacles can become logistical nightmares without proper planning. As business owners ourselves, we are well acquainted with your concerns and therefore offer flexible scheduling and real-time coordination to insure that your project is completed in a timely fashion while minimizing disruption of your daily routine. Battlecat Brushworks provides off-hours painting and remodeling services and keeps the channels of communication open night and day. Regular interaction between representatives of your company and ours is vital to keeping any large commercial project streamlined and anticipating hurdles before they become impediments. To that end, we not only welcome daily progress reports and routine feedback, we insist upon them. Furthermore, we count balancing multiple tasks simultaneously as one of our strongest talents, a skill set honed as the painting and remodeling contractor of choice of one of New Jersey's largest and most prestigious Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Our team of professionals is punctual, courteous, licensed and fully insured. Feel free to examine our Certificate of Liability Insurance. Whether you're Main Street or Wall Street, contact Battlecat today and let us put our business to work for your business.


Below you will find a list of the services we offer to New Jersey business but if you don't see what you're looking for feel free to contact us. It is likely that we perform the service you need or can recommend a trusted associate who does.        

Commercial Services
(For Retailers, Office buildings, Warehouses, Government/Municipal buildings, Property Management Companies, Non-profits, Community Associations, Hospitals, Etc.)


  • Interior/Exterior Painting and Staining

  • Molding and Trim Installation

  • Decorative Tile Installation and Bathroom Re-tile

  • Graffiti Removal and Eco-friendly anti-graffiti coatings

  • Multi-Spec Application

  • Wallpaper Removal and Installation

  • Powerwashing

  • Drywall Installation and Repair

  • Light Framing and Carpentry Services

  • Off-Hours Remodeling

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