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Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home Without the Expense of New Siding

Vinyl siding has increased in popularity tenfold since its introduction as a viable alternative to aluminum or wood in the early 1950s. Its arrival on the residential contruction scene was a troubled one. Early products were prone to buckling, warping, cracking, and a host of other problems that prevented vinyl from supplanting cedar or redwood as the undisputed heavyweight champions of exterior substrates. All that has changed of course. Manufacturing innovations and improved installation techniques have enhanced its durability and cost effectiveness to the point where vinyl siding now commands a staggering 32 percent of the residential housing market. Problems for homeowners still persisted, however. Although durable, easy to install, and economical, vinyl siding, like wood and aluminum, fades over time. The option to paint over existing siding was hitherto a tricky prospect. Dark colors or even colors a shade or two darker than the existing vinyl tended to absord heat and transfer that heat to the substrate beneath, causing rapid expansion and contraction that marred the new finish. Once vinyl became worn, faded, or discolored to the point where a good power washing offered little relief homeowners were forced to replace the vinyl siding at considerable expense and go through the harrowing process of selecting a color they knew they'd have to live with for years to come.

Much has changed for the better, ladies and gentlemen. For some time Benjamin Moore has been manufacturing exterior paint designed specifically for vinyl siding

but recently they've expanded their Vinyl Select Collection, providing homeowners with a wider variety of colors and hues to choose from. These colors range from light neutrals and warm earth tones to rich reds and deep blues, all of which are chemically modified to withstand the natural expansion and contraction vinyl experiences with temperature changes. Now homeowners can revitalize aging vinyl siding or simply opt for an impromptu design change without the cost of new siding and without the frustration associated with troublesome paints of yesteryear. Contact Battlecat Brushworks today and let us introduce you to the exciting new world of "smart paint!"

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