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Is Your Deck, Fence, or Gazebo Beginning to Look a Bit Rough? Battlecat Can Help!

With another fine New Jersey summer just around the corner it's once again time to prepare for another season of your favorite outdoor activities. If you are a grill connoisseur no doubt you've already uncovered your grill, filled your propane tanks, and stocked up on your charcoal of choice. If you prefer lazy Sundays lounging with a cold glass of lemonade or twilight fiestas with refreshing margaritas you've certainly given your patio furniture a good scrubbing. But whether you're determined to retain your title of local grill master, retreating from the hustle and bustle of another hectic work week to the serenity of your outdoor sanctuary, our planning to enjoy the company of good friends and family, don't forget to add your oft-neglected deck, fence, or gazebo to your checklist.

Many manufacturers of quality wood finishes boldly claim that their products guard against the elements for 8 or even 10 years. The reality is that few last 5 and most provide the protection you need for an average of 2 to 3 years. Over time wood loses its luster, dirt and mold accumulates, harsh climatic changes take their toll, and your once beautiful deck, fence, or gazebo can begin t look shabby or downright unsightly. But fret not friends because this unavoidable problem need not drain your finances. Before you assume the heavy expense of removal and reinstallment contact Battlecat Brushworks to assess the situation and offer our professional advice free of charge. Chances are we can can make your aging wooden borders and structures look like new for a fraction of the cost! We will clear and wash away years of dirt and grime, scrape away mold and other common nuisances, sand away imperfections, and even replace rotting posts and boards before applying a new finish and top quality sealer that will keep your yard in peek condition for years to come!

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