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Off-White Hues are Back En Vogue in a Big Way

Simple and elegant, capable of making any room seem more spacious, and perfect for areas rich in sources of natural light, off-whites have become the new standard for homeowners looking to add a bit of color to their interiors while maintaining a design motif whose catchwords are neutrality and tasteful understatement. Industry leaders like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams offer a staggering plethora of shades and hues to choose from, guaranteeing that the desire for a muted color choice will not make you feel hemmed in or hamper your inclinination to personalize your space. This living room was finished in Benjamin Moore's Early Sunset, a creamy light-catching shade of off-white with just a rumor of blush that pops or fades depending on lighting and line of sight, a playful optical illusion that is certain to please the eye.

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